Mission & Vision

Preservation of an historic area landmark, displaying the importance of preserving history for our young people and having it displayed for years to come under it.


 Our group intends to totally refurbish the bridge panel and have it moved to the front entrance of Lakeland High School with the theme “Bridging Community With Education”. It will be located at the Hwy 70 main entrance just south of the ponds as a refreshed entrance to the high school. The project will be done in phases which will include bridge panel construction, entrance beautification, and a granite monument planned to be erected at Lakeland Union High School. The monument will depict an image of the iconic bridge, along with a story of its history. The construction will be started when sufficient funds are raised with help from the Lakeland community area.

Recent Programs

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Artist Bob Metropulos

Sue Parker


It has been my vision from day one to see the T-Bird Bridge panel reconstructed at the entrance of Lakeland Union high school.

Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Chairman Bob Metropulos

Our staff

pamela carroll


john glomski

 My goal is to use this bridge panel as a symbolic branding to bridge community with education, and to preserve a piece of history for all that have passed under it
I have been in business for the past 35 years, and I have gone through some tough times, this is an incredible community and it has always been there for me. This is my chance of giving back.
We now have a wonderful team of 18 people from the community that are working together to make this project a reality. We are known as the Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Committee.
Join us and give to the T-Bird Bridge project.

Mark kubisiak

Jodi Metropulos


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's selling sweatshirts at the football games. or collecting donations, we need you!


Brian Arnott

Sandy Glomski