Most Asked Questions

Where is the bridge panel now?       You can see the bridge panel sitting South of Minocqua off Highway 51 across from Highway L to Nokomis.  It is there where the bridge will be restored and then moved to its new site.  The panel will be sandblasted clean due to the lead-based paint and then primed.  The painting of the panel will take place after being attached to the pillars.

Where is the new location? The new location will be at the entrance of Lakeland Union High School off Highway 70 West at the stop lights.  It will be constructed on the south side of the retention ponds.

Who owns the T-Bird Bridge panel? The T-Bird Bridge panel is the property of Lakeland Union High School.


Where is the money coming from for this project? Friends of the T-Bird Bridge committee are responsible for fundraising the money needed to move forward with this project.  No tax dollars are collected, all money collected is from private donations only.

Who are the Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Committee? Our committee is made up of 11 dedicated individuals.  To find out who we are go to (ABOUT US) at the top of our website homepage.

Where does the money go?  Friends of the T-Bird Bridge committee have partnered with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin a (501(c)3 Corporation).  All proceeds go through the foundation and the foundation is responsible for distributing payments.

What is the purpose of this project?  The purpose of this project is to use this iconic structure to send a message that we are bridging community with education, and to preserve this historical bridge panel that has been a symbol showing the pride of Lakeland T-Bird Country.  But most importantly to develop a scholarship for challenged students for continuing education, allowing them to grow and give them the confidence they need to help them push forward into their future careers.

​How much money is needed?  Our goal is to raise $185,000 to cover the construction cost and scholarship fund.  At this time we have raised $64,000 in the last two months, bringing our total to $140,000, leaving just $45,000 to reach our goal, but we will not stop there.  Friends of the T-Bird Bridge will continue to fund raise by selling personalized bricks even after the bridge is under construction.

What is this brick stuff all about?  Refer to our website and click on T-Bird Country Bricks and click for more information and to order your custom brick.

What is the time frame for the start and completion of this project?  We are hoping to break ground in June 2022 and wrap up this project before the start of school 2022.  In order to make this happen we must get the go ahead from the Lakeland Union High School Board.  It is up to us to provide them with the necessary information to move forward with this project.  When all is ready, our goal is to plan and schedule a parade through Minocqua to the Lakeland Union High School where the bridge panel will be placed and secured to the pillars.  A ribbon cutting ceremony will be conducted, and the bridge christened.


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Our Vision-

Resurrect and Refurbish the now removed front panel of the T-Bird Country Bridge.
Proudly “Bring it Home Where it Belongs” to its final destination at the US HWY 70 West entrance of Lakeland Union High School,

Home of the Lakeland Thunderbirds.
The Bridge to rest on two beautiful 15 foot Stone Pillars.
One pillar will be labeled “Community” and the other pillar labeled “Education”,

thus symbolizing “Bridging Community With Education”.

Our goal of 
“The Friends of the T-Bird Bridge”, 
is to raise $185,000.

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We Are the Friends of the T-Bird Bridge Committee, Inc. 

Our purpose is the preservation of an historic area landmark known as “The T-Bird Bridge” and creating a visual monument that can been seen and remembered by all of those generations who have been living in and visiting the Northwoods for nearly 8 decades. The theme of our project is “Bridging Community With Education”. 


Instilling a feeling of pride in community as each student & community resident passes under the bridge as they enter & leave the high school.



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Our goal of

“The Friends of the T-Bird Bridge”,

is to raise $250,000.


of what the bridge means to you

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“Bridging Community with Education”

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